Music Production Internship

Skilled artist guitarist recording a new song with electro acoustic guitar, composing and editing music in professional studio control room. Young musician songwriter creating tunes. Camera A.

Position Overview:
We invite you to join us for the SPVA Summer Internship in music production, an enriching opportunity that promises a transformative experience. With SPVA’s strategic partnership with MixWave, a leading VST-Plugin company, this internship offers hands-on access to cutting-edge technology and invaluable industry insights. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your music production capabilities and contribute to the advancement of music technology with MixWave.




This program is 4 weeks, 3-4 hours per week, offering flexibility for those balancing other internships, work, or school commitments.

SPVA MixWave Partnership:

The Society for Performance and Visual Arts (SPVA) is proud to announce our strategic partnership with MixWave, a leading VST-Plugin company sampling the sounds of artists such as: Mike Mangini, Daniel Fang, Aaron Gillespie, Jay Weinberg, and many more.   Additionally,  MixWave offers gear including CA-70s, Milkman Creamer Collection, Milkman Harmonic Tremolo Reverb, Benson Studio Tall bird and much more.


Through our partnership with MixWave, interns will have the unique opportunity to have an extended free 30 day license on many of these plugins to use for the internship. Additionally, the interns will have the opportunity to share their work for review with SPVA’s leading artists such as Grammy winning Ariel Chobaz and members of the MixWave community.


Purpose:  Real-World Experience:

SPVA and MixWave support the advancement of careers in music production, audio engineering, composition, instrumentation, and music technology enthusiasts for students, teachers, tutors, and professors. We are excited to introduce cutting-edge music technology curated by top artists, offering an exclusive experiential learning opportunity uniquely tailored to give real world experience and feedback.


Following the completion of the internship, participants will have the opportunity to purchase MixWave plugins at a special SPVA 40% discounted rate.


Who is this internship for?

Music producers, composers, engineers, instrumentalists, and music technology enthusiasts who have a passion for music production and engineering.


Internship Summer Start Dates:

June 1st, 2024 – Application Deadline May 23, 2024
July 1st, 2024 – Application Deadline June 22, 2024
August 1st, 2024 – Application Deadline July 23, 2024


Apply promptly as positions are filling up quickly.


What are my responsibilities?

Participants will receive a one month free trial of MixWave plugins as a member of SPVA. The interns are required to use plugins of their choice available through MixWave to write or create original music or covers of existing work and present it to the board members of MixWave and the SPVA. They may also use plugins from their personal libraries as well; however, their original content should include at least one plugin from MixWave. Additionally, we ask all participants to write a summary of their experience using the software and introduce their current or previous teachers to the members of SPVA.


Week-to-Week Outline:


Week One

  • Familiarize yourself with the software and begin using the software

Week Two

  • Create a demo of yourself or your writing partners using the software

Week Three

  • Submit the demo of the recording (all demo submissions are owned by the creator)

Week Four

  • Write a synopsis of your experience using the software

We aim to make the SPVA Music Production Internship with MixWave a unique opportunity, integrating practical exposure to state-of-the-art technology with chances for skill enhancement, networking, and acknowledgment.


What are the requirements for joining this internship?

  • Current Student or former student who attended high school, college, music school, or the like within the last 18 months
  • Passion for the arts and music
  • Member of the SPVA

This exclusive opportunity is for SPVA Members, aligning with our mission to cultivate careers across all artistic disciplines.


Benefits of the Internship:

  • Incubate projects from inception to launch.
  • Expand your portfolio of creative work.
  • Cultivate relationships with industry professionals and peers.
  • Master the use of critical feedback to improve your art.
  • Certificate of Completion to enhance your resume.

Continued Career Development Support Following the Internship:

  • 40% Discount to MixWave Products and exclusive access to a wide array of cutting-edge plugins offered by MixWave.
  • Discounted Subscription to “SPVA Music Production World” – an online publication focused on developing the careers of music producers and those interested in music production.
  • SPVA Member Benefits – more exclusive opportunities, robust career development portal with resources, certifications, scholarships, and a private community linking you to decision-makers.