Honoring Artists of the 21st Century

Performance & Visual Artists

The Society for Performance & Visual Arts (SPVA) honors the achievements of performance and visual artists and provides vital professional skills training and support to build a successful and fulfilling career.

Performance artists use their voices, bodies, and instruments to convey a message or artistic expression.
We honor the scholar artist’s pursuit of excellence. Recognition is deserved for those who possess the capability to meet the arduous demands of their career while wholeheartedly dedicating themselves to their chosen expressions of performance and visual art.
Our distinctive value is our powerful member portal, exclusive opportunities, connections, and benefits equipping you with vital career tools to fuel your success.


Membership in the The Society for Performance & Visual Arts is for artists or students who share a dedication and passion for artistic expression and creative growth.

Individuals, including current and aspiring artists and educators, who possess a desire for a career in or support careers in the performance and visual arts.
Students interested in the arts. Honors designations: Presidential Scholar Artist: 3.7+ GPA. Scholar Artist: 3.0+.
A membership fee of $50, paid annually, with all funds dedicated to supporting the work of the Society.

Member Benefits

SPVA aims to ensure members are prepared for careers both within and outside of the arts. Our powerful online member portal offers transferable, work and life skills training, and meaningful access to opportunities. In today’s competitive environment, you need a lot more to set yourself apart. Member benefits include:

Scholarship Opportunities
Resume-Building Certifications
Exclusive Castings and First Options
Connections to Decision Makers
Wellness and Finance Training
Global Events for Connections

With access to online training resources and digital connections, every aspiring professional can take their next step with confidence.