Creative Projects Summit

Young woman pointing at painting and presenting the modern art for people during presentation in art gallery

Position Overview:
The SPVA’s Creative Projects Summit invites passionate individuals from diverse creative realms such as music, theater, art, dance, literature, film, architecture, and gaming to embark on an immersive four-week journey, blending creative expression with real-world impact. This transformative gathering acts as an incubator, fostering innovative projects that resonate in both artistic and societal realms. From exhibitions to screenplays, participants explore ambitious concepts while receiving guidance to infuse their visions with social relevance.




This program is 4 weeks, 3-4 hours per week. The duration can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

The SPVA’s Creative Projects Summit is an unparalleled opportunity for artists of all backgrounds to propose and develop original creative projects, exploring the fusion of artistic vision with real-world impact. Participants will be guided through the meticulous process of crafting, refining, and presenting their visionary projects with the aim of contributing positively to society. Join us in this transformative experience, where artistic innovation meets strategic planning, ushering in a new wave of impactful creative endeavors.


The SPVA is looking for artists of all backgrounds to propose original Creative Projects of their own creation that could manifest as a production such as an exhibition, concert, screenplay, digital media, tv/film, or live theatrical event. Participants will be aided by members of the SPVA board to work on the altruistic vision of the project, its benefit to society, a realistic budget for the project which should include an ROI on investments, and a comprehensible pitch deck to share with potential investors, donors, and sponsors.


Week-to-Week Outline:
Week One: Purpose and Vision

  • Introduction to the project and its creative aspects.
  • Understanding the project’s purpose, altruistic goals, and societal benefits.
  • Refining the mission and vision statement.
  • Analysis of the project’s impact on local, national, or international communities.


Week Two: Budget Preparation

  • Guidance on creating a detailed budget for the proposed project.
  • Outlining expenses and determining the actual cost of the project.
  • Exploring potential Return on Investment (ROI) for prospective investors.
  • One-on-one assistance from an SPVA board member to refine the budget.


Week Three: Pitch Deck Preparation

  • Gathering necessary information for a comprehensive pitch deck.
  • Researching current market trends related to the project.
  • Analyzing locations where similar projects have succeeded.
  • Understanding the key components required in a compelling pitch deck.

Week Four: Pitch Deck Development

  • Developing a professional pitch deck using software like InDesign or PowerPoint.
  • Incorporating refined mission, budget, societal impact, and market analysis into the deck.
  • Reviewing and finalizing the pitch deck at the participant’s current skill level.

Final Evaluation and Networking:

  • Presentation and discussion of all projects with SPVA board members.
  • Projects of interest will be shared within the SPVA network and affiliates.
  • Evaluation and feedback provided to participants on their project proposals.


  • Incubate projects from inception to launch.
  • Expand your portfolio of creative work.
  • Cultivate relationships with industry professionals and peers.
  • Master the use of critical feedback to improve your art.
  • Certificate of Completion to enhance your resume.