Artist Asset Development Symposium

Asian man graphic designer working on computer drawing sketches logo design. The concept of a new brand. Professional creative occupation with idea.

Position Overview:
The Society for Performance & Visual Arts (SPVA) proudly presents the Artist Asset Development Symposium, an immersive four-week program designed to empower emerging artists with a holistic digital toolkit. In today’s digital age, an artist’s online presence is as crucial as your creative skill. This symposium serves as a guiding light, steering participants through a journey focused on refining your digital identity.




This program is 4 weeks, 3-4 hours per week. The duration can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

Importance for Artists:
In today’s interconnected world, an artist’s success hinges significantly on their digital footprint. A proper web presence and compelling social media engagement serve as a virtual portfolio, offering a window into their creative world. It’s essential to not only showcase artistic works but also curate a professional image through easily accessible electronic press kits (EPKs), updated working documents, and a cohesive online identity. These elements collectively form the backbone of an artist’s brand and can profoundly impact opportunities, collaborations, and audience engagement.


Symposium Description:
Through interactive sessions and expert-led workshops, attendees gain expertise in leveraging social media, optimizing digital portfolios, and mastering presentation skills tailored for the online world. This comprehensive program not only fosters practical skills but also cultivates a professional yet authentic digital narrative, emphasizing the fusion of creativity and professionalism. Join this dynamic environment to collaborate, learn, and forge connections in a thriving community.


Week-to-Week Outline:
Week One: Evaluation and Artistic Identity

  • Understanding the core of your artistry: defining your mission, values, and unique creative voice.
  • Crafting a cohesive narrative: aligning your personality and mission with your artistic endeavors.
  • Workshop sessions and exercises to cultivate a strong, authentic artistic identity.


Week Two: Assessing Online Presence

  • Analyzing current online representation across platforms (TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
  • Identifying any misrepresentations or inconsistencies that could impact your artistic brand.
  • Guest speakers or case studies highlighting effective online branding strategies.


Week Three: Revamping Online Presence

  • Redefining your online persona: aligning your digital presence with your artistic identity.
  • Strategies for cleanup and rebranding: reshaping perceptions for both existing and new audiences.
  • Practical sessions on creating easily editable websites and optimizing social media profiles using tools like Linktree.


Week Four: Developing Professional Assets

  • Crafting an effective EPK: understanding its components and importance in artist representation.
  • Hands-on workshops to create and update EPKs, working documents, and portfolios.
  • Finalizing professional assets and preparing for effective distribution when showcasing your work.



  • Mentorship and personalized feedback from experienced leaders.
  • Engagement in immersive and beneficial practical exercises.
  • Boost confidence for digital self-presentations.
  • Opportunities to network with artists, professionals, and peers in the field.
  • Certificate of Completion to enhance your resume.