Leadership and Strategic Arts Networking


Position Overview:
Are you eager to explore a career in the arts that not only fulfills your artistic goals but also delivers financial stability? If this resonates with you, apply to our Leadership and Strategic Networking internship. Join our team and this opportunity, where you can blend your artistic interests, develop leadership and career skills, and embark on a journey to influence the future of the arts while networking with global experts.




This internship program typically spans 4 weeks, 3-4 hours per week. However, the duration can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

About The Society for Performance & Visual Arts (SPVA):
The Society for Performance & Visual Arts (SPVA) is a vibrant and forward-thinking nonprofit arts organization devoted to nurturing the growth and sustainability of creative pursuits. We firmly believe that artistic passion and financial stability can coexist comfortably, and we are dedicated to equipping emerging artists and leaders with the tools to transform this belief into a tangible reality. By becoming a member of the SPVA, you will have access to our network at large which will allow you to connect with arts leaders throughout the world.


Internship Description:
As a Leadership and Strategic Arts Networking intern, you will have the opportunity to explore and develop your creative network while developing essential work and life skills. You will work with our team to develop both your leadership capabilities and creative projects, all with the aim of creating a sustainable career in the arts. SPVA’s international networks include all areas of the arts (ie: music, theater, art, dance, literature, film, gaming) along with the areas of business in the arts. This internship offers a unique fusion of artistic and leadership development.


Key Objectives:
Personal and Professional Self-Assessment:

• Engage in self-reflection and goal-setting to identify your personal and professional aspirations within the arts.
• Review the materials of the SPVA program offerings and provide insight to the material.
• Build your own personal advisory board by considering your strengths, weaknesses, and your motivation to address those gaps.


Leadership Development:
• Participate in leadership workshops and webinars, gaining insight into effective leadership and management techniques.
• Understand the execution of arts-related events, helping you develop crucial leadership and organizational skills.
• Provide feedback on the SPVA module on Leading People.


Creative Projects Networking:
• Learn to showcase your artistic talents through exhibitions, performances, or other artistic outlets.
• Research key professors at different institutions that will help further your interdisciplinary network.
• Provide feedback on the SPVA module on Business Skills.


Financial Stability in the Arts:
• Explore the business side of the arts, gaining insights into budgeting, fundraising, and financial management.
• Understand the benefits of creating a financial sustainability plan for yourself and how to apply these skills to an organization.
• Provide feedback on the SPVA module on Financial Literacy.


• Passion for the arts and a desire to pursue a financially stable career.
• A proactive, self-motivated attitude.



• Mentorship from experienced leaders in the arts industry.
• Experience in arts administration and leadership.
• Opportunities to network with artists, professionals, and peers in the field.
• The chance to showcase your creative work to a broader audience.
• A deeper understanding of how financial stability can be achieved in the arts.
• Invitation to the SPVA Conference in Vienna, Austria 2024.
• Certificate of Completion to enhance your resume.