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Many artists tend to struggle with life after college. They are often burdened with questions from family and friends about how they will make a living or how they will support themselves in a creative field. This is true for both visual and performing artists and while these concerns and obstacles that artists tend to place on themselves are not unfounded, they are however able to be overcome.




One free intake lasting 30 minutes to understand your professional goals. From there, we will pair you with a few options of industry leaders and your coaching sessions will begin.

Importance for Artists:
Artists spend so much time on their craft that they tend to neglect one of the most important aspects of being an artist, and that is learning to expand, grow, and utilize their network for their financial freedom and creative liberty. This can be easily achieved if their creative and professional goals are assisted by a business coach in the field of the arts. Whether you are a musician trying to build a teaching studio or find the right artist representation for auditions, or a photographer trying to compete in an already competitive field, a painter who is looking to have their work as part of large or private exhibition in order to garner sales or commissions, or a dancer who is teaching during the day and performing at night, the life of an artist is always changing.


More importantly, is that these obstacles that artists face are challenging adventures that are rewarded once accomplishments over these obstacles are achieved. It is nearly impossible for any artist to do their career alone. Artists rely on each other, new networks, and friends in the industry who have the knowledge of industry and who can help make the right connections.

Get Started:
SPVA provides career coaching for students and professionals, whether you are currently working in the industry or elsewhere. This coaching aims to empower individuals seeking self-motivation by offering one-to-one sessions with leaders in our network. Participants can share and learn ideas, as well as discover ways to monetize their craft.


Sessions are one hour and fifteen minutes. You may sign up for one session or sign up for multiple sessions. We have many talented leaders in the industry that are willing to meet with you on Zoom to discuss your professional growth plan in order to help bolster your career to the next level.


Every interested applicant will receive one free intake session which will last about 30 minutes in order to understand your professional goals, current assessment of where you are professionally (entry artist, intermediate artist, professional artist), your current assets, (website, socials), and where you would like your career to go.

From there, we will pair you with a few options of industry leaders and your sessions will begin.  Following the free 30-minute intake session and a mutual understanding of how we can best support your needs, the pricing for career coaching sessions is as follows: $175 for a one-hour session, $500 for four sessions, and $800 for eight sessions.


It is vitally important that artists have a strong support system outside their typical networks. International networks or domestic networks outside your current locale is pivotal for finding meaning connections to help grow your career.


If you are interested in learning more about the program and doing the intake, please complete the application form.


Career Coaching Demo with Jessica Bloch and our Executive Director, Michael J. Polo