Career Resources for Artists

Our objective is to empower individuals pursuing artistic careers, providing you with the tools and resources needed for success and fulfillment. Each month, members can look forward to insightful presentations and essays on the topics below, delivered by seasoned professionals with years of valuable experience.

 “Introducing Artist Career Boosts”

SPVA Directors Dr. Nicholas Johnson and Dr. Michael Polo

Navigating Financial Challenges: A Guide for Emerging Artists

The Impact of Technology on Careers in the Arts

Building a Strong Portfolio: Key to Standing Out in the Arts

Overcoming Self-Doubt in the Creative Industry

Freelancing in the Arts: Pros and Cons

Mental Health Awareness in the Performing Arts

The Role of Networking in Launching a Successful Arts Career

Finding Your Niche: Specialization in the Arts

Marketing Yourself as an Artist: Tips for Effective Self-Promotion

Balancing Creativity and Commercial Viability in the Arts

The Importance of Continuous Learning for Artists

Managing Rejection: Turning Setbacks into Opportunities

Transitioning from Academia to a Career in the Arts

Breaking into the Industry: Strategies for Emerging Artists

The Pros and Cons of Artistic Collaborations

Diversity and Inclusion in the Arts: Challenges and Opportunities

Surviving the Feast or Famine Cycle in Creative Professions

Coping with Burnout: Mental Wellness for Artists

The Role of Social Media in Modern Arts Promotion

Strategies for Funding Your Creative Projects: A Comprehensive Guide

Media archaeology and technology studies, unearthing media histories for today and integrating with VR/AR systems

Philosophy of mind and artificial intelligence, implications on human cognition

Music studies and cultural anthropology, exploring artistic around the world

Fashion technology and wearable computing, convergence of fashion and tech. Is it mentally safe and where are the artists opinions?

Political ecology and urban planning, socio-political factors in urban development with artists in urban communities.

Robotics in performing arts, technology’s influence on artistic expression

Declining trends in concert attendance for classical music in the 21st century in the USA

The Contemporary music avant-garde, today and yesterday

How music impacts human physiology and psychology

How AI will affect the future of music composition

Audition techniques for performers

Networking within the arts: an interdisciplinary necessity

AI in art; the dangers of language replacing original design

The nature of the academy for artists; research or vocation?

Art therapy and its practice in nursing homes

Arts therapy in hospitals and its application for remediation

The importance of systematic musicology for interdisciplinary research

IRCAM and its recent developments

Financial resources for young artists graduating college

What is a producer? And where does the money go?

Development planning in urban areas and utilizing artists

The value of art and music education in urban areas and reducing community violence

Environmental humanities, intersecting discourses in addressing global challenges within the arts

Neuroscience and art, exploring brain responses to artistic stimuli

Digital art and music and cultural preservation, digitizing heritage for future generations

Design thinking in healthcare, innovations for enhanced patient care utilizing dance

Bioethics and biotechnology in art, ethical frontiers of creative expression

Data visualization in VR within in social sciences, visualizing insights for effective communication

Human rights in literature and law, exploring narratives of justice

Sustainability in business and economics, economic impact of sustainable practices for future artists

Cognitive linguistics and second language acquisition, insights for language teaching through music based in China